Personal Writing Recipe

Prep Time: 10-30 Days*

Simmer Time: 30-90 Days*

Ready In: approx. 8-16 Months*

*Times vary, due to atmosphere and taste


1 freshly picked concept (must be fresh)

1 small notebook

1-3 pens or pencils

1 pkg. index cards

2 computers (one desktop, 1 laptop)

1/2 baked details (will need several)

1-3 quiet spots (to keep writer fresh)

1 off-computer back-up location

1 focused brain

1 very strong constitution

Optional ingredients:

1 calendar

1/2 ton (approx.) research material

internet access


1. In a small notebook, mix concept with a descriptions until smooth. Let sit until hot (3 days – to 3 years.)

2. Pour hot concept into brain. Add character descriptions, details, subplots and challenges. Blend and place in notebook. (This is a good time to premix and set aside a basic query synopsis, before you add so much flavor you can’t easily distinguish the main ingredients.)

3. Using index cards, write 1-2 sentences per card telling your story in order. Work the cards several times, adding more subplots and points. Repeat until story turns clear.

4. Skim the cards and repair all cloudy spots.

5. Turn the story out onto a flat, well-lighted surface; and mix in additional spices, sweeteners and zest until the story holds together. At this point it should feel fairly smooth and full. If not, mix cards some more and add additional flavor. (Once you are happy with your story, don’t forget to mark the cards or a spill could be disastrous!)

5. Put the complete story in the computer. (This part takes time. 2-8 months.) At first the story may not look like much, but don’t worry! Sprinkles and glazing will fix everything later.

6. Cover with a distraction and set aside. Let story settle in a warm place for approximately 1 month. Do not disturb during this time or it will lose its flavor from being overworked.

7. Turn story back on in the computer. Delete extraneous word and fill in all holes until it becomes a completed manuscript.

8. Cover with a distraction once more and let settle for 1-2 weeks. Meanwhile, preheat contacts and grease beta readers.

9. After a final personal taste test, send story to 1-2 beta readers for 1 to 4 weeks.

10. Sprinkle, trim and re-glaze. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until story is completely golden and solid to the core.


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